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Vom Sieb zum Druck
Das Prinzip des Siebdrucks
Mehrfarbige Siebdrucke
Wahl des Gewebes
Größe des Siebes
Werkzeuge und Materialien
Wichtige Werkzeuge
Material fürs Beschichten und Belichten
Farben und Druckträger
Druck auf Papier
Druck auf Textilien
Spezielle Druckträger
Motive für den Siebdruck
Analoge Motivherstellung
Digitale Motivherstellung
Die eigene Miniwerkstatt
Siebdruck überall
Siebe bauen
Drucktisch mit Stauraum
Schritt für Schritt zum eigenen Druck
Druck auf Papier
Druck auf Textilien
Erste Hilfe
Über die Autorin

The dream of your own printing workshop- this is how it comes true!

You want to print creative short runs on your own through silkscreen printing? Independent from the clock and from opening hours? Maybe even outside? And while coatings or paints dry you want to be where you feel most comfortable?
Turn your place into a silkscreen printing workshop!
Pippa Parragh is graphic and visual artist. As master-printer she supports artists in two Viennese workshops with the realization of their projects. Furthermore, she passes her knowledge on in workshops and live-printings. Thus, she is the one with the keys to the printing studios. And yet, she sets up her own mini-workshop at home. Because independence is the mother of art.

In this book, she shares her know-how of silkscreen printing. And she reveals to you how you can easily and cheaply build and run your own silkscreen printing workshop.

Which materials can be printed on?

Your imagination for materials is almost unlimited. Various papers and fabrics are suitable as bases: wood, stone, cork… as soon as you get the hang of the printing process, hardly any material will be safe from your creativity anymore. And the motifs? Ripping, cutting, stamping, drawing, your imagination has no limits. Of course, you can also print digitally created or distorted motifs. Or- as was the case with the book cover- depict findings from nature and your environment through photogram silkscreen printing.

And what if something goes wrong?

Pippa Parragh has served the infamous 1000 hours it takes to master something. Placidly and humbly she describes how to take the hurdles that made her stumble in the beginning. However: Printing is an adventure, as Hap Griebauer has already said. And, after all, a little adventure can lead to an entirely new awareness of life in the home.

Do I have to sacrifice my living room?

Pippa Parragh intentionally calls her workshop mini workshop. She has fathomed out the things you really need and the ones you don’t. And because her space is also limited and her joie de vivre big, her workshop gets put on wheels so it won’t be in the way on evenings with friends. But, what you’ll need are: a room able to be dimmed (also possible to be achieved through colored paper), a shower or bath tub to rinse the screen etc. (if need be can also be done in a big sink or with a hose) and cords over which your pieces of art can hang to dry. You will soon be printing shirts and totes, posters and postcards, homemade & handmade, all carrying your creative handwriting. Maybe they’ll even secure you a nice little extra income on Etsy.

You may grieve for the good old times in your college’s printing workshops for a while. You can mark appointments for silkscreen printing workshops with »interested«. But you could also just begin- we guarantee fun and a little splish-splash, a lot of fulfilment and contentment- and that you forget about job worries and time in the process of making…

Features and design

Silkscreen Printing at Home
Small editions from your own workshop
158 pages
with 240 images
size 17 x 23 cm
bi-color print throughout in black and silver plus a five-colored sheet with inspirations.
Thread-stitched Swiss brochure with open back and a four-sheet transparency illustrating the principle of multi-colored silkscreen printing.


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