Blick ins Buch

Einfärben der Druckplatte
Mehrfarbiges Einfärben und Irisdruck
Weitere Drucke und Trocknung
Mehrfarbige Drucke
Passer digital
Archivieren und sauber machen
Kapitel 3 Hat's nicht geklappt?
Unsauberes Druckbild
Der Druck ist zu dunkel oder zu hell
Spuren vom Löffel
Die geätzte Fläche nimmt Farbe an
Risse und Löcher in der Alufolie
Die Alufolie knitter im Laserdrucker
Geeignetes und ungeeignetes Papier
Unsauberes Druckbild bei mehrfarbigen Drucken
Kapitel 4 Und so geht’s weiter …
Alufolie mit Struktur
Große Formate
Drucken auf Holz
Kapitel 5 So haben wir's gemacht
Untersetzer aus Holz
Magnete aus Holz
Kunstdruck auf Stoff
Kapitel 6 Das sind wir

Creative short runs handmade

Turn your kitchen into a creative atelier and print artistic short runs with rather simple means: with soap and oil pastels or grease-based coloring pencils- and new and sensationally: even your files- you apply your motive onto the printing screen made from household tinfoil; cola drink does not remedy thirst today, but it serves to prepare the printing screen, and the rest is solved by the old animosity of water and oil…

Printing artistic short runs at home: Fast – inexpensive – and absolutely non-toxic!

Whether alone or with family and friends, this is how you can make posters and greeting cards, jam-labels and stickers, place cards, tote bags and shirts, buttons and whatever else you want to design, in editions of about 100.

Revised new edition

After three reprints and five more years of printing experience, here comes the revised update from the workshop of kitchen printers Laura and Lucas. In daring experiments, Laura and Lucas achieved nothing less than the digitalization of kitchen printing. That is new. And because the two of them have also developed creatively, there are many new motives to illustrate the classic as well as the revolutionary new technical steps. Otherwise, the fourth edition of the introduction to kitchen printing also step by step paves the way for your own creative short runs.

Homemade & handmade created by you!

Laura and Lucas studied graphic design in Darmstadt. Enthusiastically, they used their college’s printing studio, but at some point, there had to be a goodbye to university. And especially regarding the use of the printing workshop, saying goodbye was difficult. They discovered the method of kitchen printing on the internet. Initial failures, bad luck and slip-ups did not discourage them. The printed results became better and more plannable. The enthusiasm grew. They gave first workshops and continued experimenting.

Had Laura and Lucas planned on publishing an artist book among the creative manuals?

The two of them came to one of our open days for creatives and brought a stack of their kitchen prints. We were electrified.

Did they not know how much work there is behind each and every book by Schmidt? We did not want a classical manual. Quickly, the idea to realize all the illustrations which were supposed to find their way into the book through kitchen printing themselves was born. And that meant a lot of work: Thank you for having endured that with us!

What happened then?

Then began a success story which none of us could have dreamed of: One year later, the book is published in English and Spanish and avid readers no longer want to use their kitchen for cooking: Printing has become the new cooking…

Features and design

All illustrations in this book- even the cover- are original kitchen prints by Laura and Lucas. To not disrupt the aesthetic of the book, we have sewn the instructions in between the illustrations on shortened, colored pages.

Kitchen Lithos Continued
Creative short runs handmade
4th revised and extended edition
120 continuously colored pages with numerous images
instructions in six easy steps on 24 shortened pages
size 17 x 22.3 cm
adhesive bound flex cover