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The assistant for associations against creative’s block.

Everyone who makes a living off ideas knows about the power of associations. At school, and sometimes on evenings with friends too, our ideas wander from topic to topic, our brains seem differently wired, they love connections others don’t find. Our neurons are always on the go. Particle accelerator for the fusion of thought.

We know about the inspiring effect of non-specific suggestions and associations, the power of chance. But today, the air around us is standing still. Nothing is moving. Nothing dissolves the jam inside the head. »Go out for a breath of fresh air! «, is thus as they say in creative circles in such moments. And how many golden ideas have their origin just there, outside, where we let go? Run? Or in the shower?

Sometimes we want the fresh air to come to us. To our desk, into the atelier. And sometimes, wishes come true…

Sebastian Jung goes outside for you. With swift strokes he jots down everything he encounters. Gathers things together that do not go together. Dissonance becomes creative energy. A firework of association inside the head. New connections inside the brain. Tension loosens. Ideas bubble up again. Something new makes its way.

Flicking through it for the first time, Fresh Air is a compendium of chaotic doodles against which the order-loving, logically structured human feels disapprovingly. What is this about and what shall this be good for? If, however, you engage with the assistant for associations by Sebastian Jung, entrust yourself to it, then the doodles scrawled with swift strokes develop their power to the full. Dock with one another with ease, construct new buildings of thought without the onus of logic’s static. Your ideas hop from image to image, skipping over what doesn’t inspire you- only to review it as the decisive creativity booster next time.

Sometimes, even the most powerful idea motors need a jump-start

Sebastian Jung came to one of our »portfolio days «. He showed us, and those sitting around the long table with us, his creative method. And, in retrospect, I am unsure if not all our mouths stood open with amazement. The project took on very different forms, from being a game to being a kind of machine, and back again. Until we realized that it is not about the extravagance of the presentation, but rather about re-igniting the fireworks of creativity in case- which all of us thankfully experience only rarely- they do not start up by themselves as soon as we wake up. In that sense, Fresh Air is a kind of life insurance for creativity. In the shape of a fine little book. Handy. And unpretentious.

Features and design

Fresh Air
The assistant for associations against creative’s block
224 pages
with 1116 impulses for creativity
black and white throughout
size 12 x 18.6 cm
eight-page thread-stitched free spine brochure with black embossing

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