Blick ins Buch

Kapitel 1 Intro – Aus dem Vollen schöpfen
Ich zeige Dir wie!
Meine Vorbilder
Hannah Höch – Meisterin der dadaistischen Collage
Max Ernst – Collage als surrealistisches Sujet
John Heartfield – Meiser der politischen Fotomontage
Kapitel 2 Galerie – Punky Stuff zum An'Fix'en
Kapitel 3 Was Collage kann
… Techniken kombinieren
… analog sowie digital
… neue Zusammenhänge schaffen
… surreale Bildwelten gestalten
… alles übertreiben
Kapitel 4 Werkzeuge und Materialien
Alte Bücher und Lexika
Alte Fotos
Pappe und Verpackung
Papiere – selbst bedrucken und schöpfen
Kapitel 5 Jetzt geht's los
Erste Versuche
Schnitt für Schnitt
Digitale Zauberei
Kapitel 6 Themen und Stichwort – Anregungen zum Üben
Mensch und Figur
Ganz nackt
Kapitel 7 Gute Ideen – Auf dem richtigen Weg
Beobachtungen festhalten
Ideen springen einen an
Mut zur Wut
Kapitel 8 Nützliche Tipps
Regeln brechen
Voller Emotion
Viel Arbeiten
Kapitel 9 Hinter den Kulissen
Fotos analog
Der Autor
Die Illustartorin


There’s something anarchic about collage; it makes use of chance, it loves exaggeration, plays at irritating the viewer, provoking a second glance. It combines things that don’t seem to fit together – and that’s precisely why viewers rarely forget it.

This is one of the reasons that authoritarian regimes have always had issues with collage artists.

The more digital and sleek the world and everyday creative life becomes, the better it feels to go on a foray armed with scissors, glue and the joy of discovery. The creative technique Collage does not require long shopping lists, nor investments or extensive preparation. In working on collages your underlying creativity breaks through. The creative enthusiasm, which sometimes has no place in everyday life has returned. There are no mistakes. Everything is allowed. Without a plan yet fully focused. Creative flow. Making. How much you have longed for this…

Natascha Fix showed us her collages and our jaws dropped in amazement and enthusiasm. How does she do it? we asked. Here’s her answer: A large-format book with suggestions and tips, but above all with great works that make you want to do something irrational and disobedient, surreal and Dadaistic, exaggerated and caricatured, to mix materials and analogue work, to cut, tear, disturb. It is a visual manifesto for disruptive times!

You may continue working on your collages digitally. Maybe you’ll incorporate the technique into you’re your professional creative everyday life. Maybe you’ll begin to draw your own paper, to print lino, to mindfully collect. Maybe you’ll integrate short collage-sessions into your team’s agency routine- and utilize the creative energy this sets free. Maybe you’ll just recapture a bit of your original creativity through ripping, cutting, gluing. The power due to which you have made your way into the creative industries. And maybe you’ll treat yourself to this regularly from now on. Turn order on its head, explore limits.

And if you merely find joy in the powerful works of Natascha Fix? Also fine!

Features and design

176 pages
with approximately 170 colored images
format 23.5 x 31.5 cm
thread-stitched hardcover