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Kapitel 1 Inspiration
Faszination Schreibschrift
Perfektes Team: Kalligrafie & Design
Kapitel 2 Schreiben
Von spitzen Federn: Flow & Übungsstrategien
Kalligrafie – das Warum und Was
Eintauchen – die ersten Schritte
Kapitel 3 Minuskeln
Aus Acht mach Siebenundzwanzig
Der Englische Look
Historische Wurzeln & Ausprägungen
Grundstriche verstehen & schreiben
Die einfachen Minuskeln: l | i | u | t | b |w
Doppelt gekurvt: n | m | h | k | p | r | v | w | x | z
Mit Schlaufen: j | y | z | l | b | h | k | f
Alles oval: a | d | g | q | o | e | c | x | s | ß
Wörter & Texte schreiben
Projekt 1: »Spruch« – einen kurzen Text gestalten
Kapitel 4 Majuskeln
Showtime – die Großbuchstaben
Ovale überall – Grundlagen
Majestätisch von A bis Z
Projekt 2: »Ein Buchstabe zum Verlieben«
Projekt 3: »Persönliches Alphabet«
Interpunktion & Ziffern
Projekt 4: »Briefumschlag«
Projekt 5: »Brief« – einen längeren Text gestalten
Kapitel 5 Verzierungen
Charmante Eleganz – Kalligrafische Zierschwünge
Flourishing – die Grundelemente
Verzierungen einsetzen
Projekt 6: »Monogramm«
Kapitel 6 Alphabete
Freestyle – Spitzfeder-Alphabete
Schriften erfinden
Schatzsuche: Historisch inpiriert schreiben
Jenseits der Spitzfeder
Projekt 7: »Was Sie wollen« – Layouttipps
Kapitel 7 Materialkunde
Von Federn & Co.
Winzig aber entscheidend: Spitzfedern
Pragmatisch oder opulent: Federhalter
Mehr Schwarz auf Weiß: Tinten
Wichtige Basics: Papier
Die kleinen und großen Helfer
Bezugsquellen & Links
Über die Autorin & Buchempfehlungen
Impressum & Bildnachweis

Script can sparkle like champagne- the quiet elegance of pointed pen calligraphy…

You’re familiar with the curlicues on wedding invitations and certificates. You sense the timeless elegance of pointed pen calligraphy. You know that what’s written like this is taken seriously by the addressee. And to yourself, you’ve been thinking for a long time, I wish I could do that too!

You can! Because the magic of copperplate calligraphy is based on a few elementary forms and a few important rules. They form the foundation for the playfulness of pointed pen calligraphy, the flourishes and the decorative elements.

Stefanie Weigele is a master of her trade; she’s booked when people demand style and perfection. Beautiful handwriting is easy for her. She learned from practice, understanding the basic lines, the formal criteria, training the movement of writing, getting better and getting into the calligraphic flow.

Stefanie Weigele will take you by the hand and guide you step by step. She’ll accompany your successes with strict didactics and in the end, you’ll be the one whose written words delight readers…

Concerning the didactics of this book

Books for creatives tend to be charming and casual. A sense of “yeah!”, all of this is so easy. Quick success is easily promised. And that predetermines frustration. Because many little individual tasks come before the perfect swing. It is possible to leave those out and trust in the effect of those swings, yet then the vines and swings remain hangers-on, effects of cheap showmanship. Genuine elegance comes from the interplay between the simple mean (minuscules), which don’t capture great attention, skillfully curved capitals and the right dose of flourishing.

This is why this book is strict. With itself. And with you. It takes you and your time seriously. And mindfully constructs. This might seem old-fashioned in a time of fun and action, however, English script is just that in a way. Maybe this is where the uniqueness of this book derives from: its seriousness. Serious interest in your success. A coach who does not immediately cheer, but instead asks you to become genuinely good. Because he- or in this case she- believes in you!

Stefanie Weigele, moreover, makes more than 200 exercise sheets available to you for download free of charge.

Features and design

Stefanie Weigele
Copperplate Calligraphy
From copperplate to modern calligraphy
240 pages with innumerable instructions, letter studies and variants in subdued coloring
slim vertical format 19x 31.3 cm
thread-stitched hard cover with colored embossing
more than 200 exercise sheets for download, free of charge
ISBN 978-3-87439-920-3