Blick ins Buch

Die Erlebnisse
If you can dream it
Von Worten zu Taten
Grenzen ausloten im Mittelmeer
Herausforderung Atlantik
Hochstimmung im Paradies
Rodeoritt durch die USA
Im schwarzen Loch
Härtetest in Höllenhitze
Schlimmer geht immer
Nägel mit Köpfen
Zehn Erkenntnisse
Übergreifende Erkenntniss
1. Mut zur Veränderung
2. Furcht und Ängste überwinden
3. Mehr Selbstvertrauen
4. Loslassen
5. Dankbarkeit leben
6. Zusammen geht mehr
7. Sich für die Unwetter des Lebens wappnen
8. Weniger ist mehr
9. Viele Routen führen zum Glück
10. Neue Ziele finden
Die zehn Erkenntnisse im Überblick

They thought it was going to be a time-out on the high seas. It became a lesson on happiness research…

Kerstin and Robert led a perfect life in the Creative Industries. They had all you could dream of, at least that’s what everyone believed. Then everything changed.

Now or never, they said to themselves – and set sail. It became a real adventure with many highs and lows, with nightmarish scenes in the middle of the Atlantic and countless storms, of the emotional kind too.

But it became much more: in experiencing and processing, they discovered what is really important – and that the secret of a happy life lies much less in external circumstances than within ourselves. They began to corroborate their personal insights with the current state of research and came closer to the secret of living a fulfilled life.

Kerstin and Robert are back after five years at sea. They’re just getting back on track. Driven by changed values and equipped with the latest findings of Positive Psychology.

In this book they share both: the adventure of their time-out – and the insights of a long journey, at the end of which there is not a goal, but a beginning…

What to expect from this book?

In the first part of the book, Kerstin and Robert accompany you from the “Lifechanging moment” to the farewell of blue water life through heavy seas and great adventures. You will hold your breath and be excited. You will smile and laugh, hope and shiver. You will experience – wherever you read this book comfortably – the stormy highs and lows of the long journey up close.

You will have guessed that such a journey changes the people who had the courage to take it. And this book will change you too a little bit. In the second part of the book, the two share their insights. One feels that it is not wisdom acquired through reading that is reproduced here, but experience is processed. And because this experience is compared and enriched with current knowledge, for example from the field of positive psychology and happiness research, you will not only get to know Kerstin and Robert’s findings, but you will also find a lot for your own path to a fulfilled and happy life.

What are the two of them doing now?

We are keen to know. They have not gone back to Berlin from where they started. Nor did they stay in Mallorca, where they came back to land with a view of the sea. They chose Hamburg as their new place to stay, and are looking for new ways of personal and professional fulfilment. We believe that this book will be the start of their new career. And we believe that this book can give you valuable food for thought for which you don’t require a life-changing cut nor five years on the Atlantic. And we believe that, after having read this book, you will navigate the sometimes rough seas of the everyday differently.

Features and design

Many of our authors are graphic designers. Of course, they design their books themselves. For other titles we search for book designers who we see giving form to content and the ideas from our imagination. Maybe due to the captivating content of this book, maybe because he asked himself what the biggest source of joy in his life was, I don’t know: But in the case of this book, Bertram (our publisher) – with active support from Sandra Mulitze – wanted to lay hands on the layout himself. He wanted the most picturesque images of the endless vastness of the sea. No images of the boat. No Caribbean beaches lined with palm trees. Only horizons. Because this is what it is all about: to shift the personal horizon. To think further than the expectations of others, further than the next step of the career and further than sealing the next deal.

And because it may well be that you spring from reading the adventure part to the insights and back, he equipped the book with two ribbon bookmarks in the colors of the Atlantic.

Life is a journey, not a destination. Ten realizations from a stormy break.
layout: Sandra Mulitze
288 pages with 16 photo boards printed in color throughout
format 14.5 x 22 cm
thread-stitched flexcover with two ribbon bookmarks and a turquoise-blue strip on the edges of the part on the realizations