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Tested and approved: »Believing something can make it happen«

Creativity is considered as the currency of the postindustrial era, thus the very near future. When robots do the work for us and artificial intelligences take standardized thinking off our shoulders, fresh ideas are tomorrow’s gold. But what is creativity originally? And what ignites it?

In one hundred short impulses for thought, celebrated top-creative Frank Bodin provides the answer to this. His “creative essentials” he presents in a little book that lies in your hand comfortably, a “Vademecum” used as notebook by many, despite us not having planned this originally…

At first sight, the essentials written in English are logical, almost obvious. But then they unleash their true power. They spark new thoughts. Inspire. Sustained-release capsules with creative substance. Maybe this is the reason for 7 editions within four years… “The sky is not the limit.” Creative Essential 76/100.

How did this book come to be?

In order to become friends with Twitter, Bodin formulated one thesis on creativity a day for a year. Condensed into 140 characters. A social-media experiment with followers and consequences: First followed an invitation to revalue the short-lived short messages in an exhibition. Analogue is more intense. Then, the exhibit’s visitors wanted more.

Print is Premium

A friendly Swiss recommended Schmidt. This is how the 100 best Creative Essentials in expressive type found their way into a bordeaux-red leather booklet. Actually, Frank Bodin’s notebook which accompanies him everywhere was the inspiration for the design of Do it, with love.

»The sky is not the limit«

Creative Essential number 76 has always tickled our fancy especially- the soaring flight of Do it, with love continues vigorously. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for that!

Features and design

Do it, with love
100 Creative Essentials
8th edition
size 11 x 15.6. cm
thread-stitched flexcover with bi-colored foil-embossing and rounded corners, bound in vegan leather

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