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The trend radar for all who love and use fonts.

The classic among the type calendars brings type inspiration day after day. 248 type designers from 35 countries all over the world present fresh fonts and trendy typefaces. Be it bread fonts and fancy fonts, long-lasting reader fonts and noble ornamental fonts, there is something in it for every taste and every occasion! Thus, the sturdy box in which we pack the Typodarium becomes a treasure chest for creatives who swear by the power of type.

Zoom, Teams, and Currently, it is the screen which dominates our everyday life. Therefore, its opposite pole becomes even more valuable. Handmade is king! That’s why, on Sundays and on holidays, the Typodarium presents typefaces created with scissors and pencils, with tape and stamps. On a Sunday, it may be imperfect, rugged, rough around the edges, punchy and a real eye candy.

Lars Hamsen and Raban Ruddigkeit not only have their finger on the pulse of the type scene, but they are also regular features in it. Every year, this is how they manage to detect the hippest new creations in type design, and to discover new type creators even before they are on everyone’s lips and drafts. Over the years, the two editors have developed a keen sense for the grassroot movements of serifs. This way, the typodarium brings a breath of fresh air into agencies and departments of development, into magazine- and book design, into web and print, packaging and fashion. And onto your desk.

features and design

Typodarium 2022
A 365 Day Type Calendar
design: Jonas Rose
A daily tear-off calendar with 365 fresh fonts by 248 designers from 35 countries
384 daily pages in 12 joyful colors, printed on both sides
Packed within a solid collector’s box with colorful coating
format: 8.5 x 12 cm
EAN 42 6017281 089 0