Blick ins Buch

Stille Zone
Der Weg
Homo Creativus
Die Einzigen ihrer Art
Das unverstandene Wunder
Was ist Kreation?
Die Rolle der Intuition
Die Kräfte der Kreativität
Die erste Kraft: Analyse
Die Congnitive Revolution
Siebzigtausend Jahre bis zur Weltherrschaft
Die Schönheit der Klarheit
Teuer erkauft
Der Unterschied des Abendlandes
Auf der anderen Seite
Was wir über Intuition kaum zu sagen wagen
Im Irrgarten der Sprache
Beobachtungen und Erkenntnisse
The Elephant in the Room
Die zweite Kraft: Intuition
Das Assoziative Netzwerk
Drei Formen der Intuition
Transzendente Intuition
Empirische Intuition
Kreative Intuition
Die offene Frage
Das Herz der Intution
Das Universum in uns
Keine heile Welt
Zwölf Harmonien
Eine Intuition
Die Sprache der Intuition
Die sechs Zeichen des Wals
Die fünf Stimmen aus dem Off
Das perfekte Spiel
Kern - Kreation - Kritik
Die dritte Kraft
Das perfekte Spiel
Alles in allem

Intuition is heart and motor of the creative process, intelligence beyond thinking.

Michael Matthiass presents a creative process that uses intuition for what it is in a targeted and, above all, conscious way: The central tool of our work- heart and motor of the ideas workshop.

Ideas come when we entrust ourselves to the creative process. In other words: In certain moments we need the absence of criticism, commentary and correction. Then, we experience the state of absolute presence, the blind trust in the creative side, the fearless letting go that we need for ideas to be able to come.

Every creative knows this inner voice, the one which knows exactly that it is not »it« yet. Or, on the contrary even: This intuitive knowledge of coherence and harmony, not yet ready to be put into words, let alone be argued away.

It is this quiet voice Michael Matthiass makes heard. Because it often doesn’t get a chance to speak in teams and brainstorming sessions. Because it is overpowered by arguments which are logical, yet don’t take the creative process forward.

Michael Matthiass has led teams in top agencies to top performance for many years. He held seminars and coachings for creatives- and, more and more, experienced the small, quiet signs of intuition which, in the form of deep sighs, a frown, melodious word creations or urgent gestures in the right moment, say what analytical thinking tends to overshadow through reasoned argument.

He began to listen, look, observe more closely.

This is where this book comes from. It choreographs the interplay of analytical and intuitive thinking. It displays the game of the associative network with the strict rationality of conscience. And it paves your way to the most precious state in creative work there is: the flow. The state of absolute presence- and of blind trust in your creative side.

»We will never control it, this process. It lies in creativity’s nature. No book in this world can make us more brilliant than we are… But we can do an awful lot so that our little bit of personal brilliance, our quiet possibility for gifted moments may be realized as often as possible… We don’t need much for that. And of the little we need, intuition the is most important one. «

Our Western civilization teaches us to think much of our analytical abilities, and it undermines trust in intuition. Yet, good ideas need both: a breeding ground prepared by analytical thinking, letting go in the right moment- and clever judgement that not always comes from the corner of the playing field we had anticipated.

Features and design

The rousing language of Michael Matthiass draws you as the reader into the book with great attraction. In doing so, Matthiass is an expert at writing in such a rich and imaginatively stunning manner that it is advisable to grant oneself a break from reading now and then to enjoy and process. Just as with a really good meal.
This is why the pages at the beginning of each chapter invite to rest a little and take a break from thinking through means of color tone and die-cuttings. We have intentionally decided to do without any other refinements in design and manufacturing as to not distract you from diving into the matter of analytical and intuitive thinking.

The art of thinking intuitively
224 pages
printed throughout with three special colors in silver, blue, turquoise plus black, with eight shortened pages for taking a breath
size: 14 x 21 cm
flexcover with embossing and ribbon bookmark.


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