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Here come the 365 most beautiful old apple varieties for a healthy, powerful, and crisp 2022.

Old apple varieties are less sweet than new cultivars. They are not standardized and do not look as if fresh from the salon. This is exactly what makes out their fascination: they are real characters in a fully designed world!

For four years we have rummaged archives around the world for you to discover the most beautiful illustrations of old apple varieties and to gather them together in calendar form. Then we took a year-long break… Here come the 365 most beautiful illustrations of old apple varieties from the archives of this world, presented to you in the shape of a calendar. Served in a wooden crate. Perforated twice. Thus, the apple, freed from the calendar day, becomes note scrap, decoration, or healthy message of greetings.

The story behind the calendar

Until the beginning of industrialization, cultivating apple varieties used to be reserved to aristocracy. Back then, apples were considered to be objects of prestige. The ordinary family planted an apple tree, stored the fruit in a cellar, or they pressed it. Then, people moved into cities and supplying metropolitan areas with fruit became an industry. Now, apples had to be suitable for transport and storage. Pomological societies were founded and elaborately illustrated magazines celebrated these new varieties. These magazines are a treasure of illustrations of old apple varieties. A treasure we have uncovered and looked through. You may look forward to the 365 most beautiful old apple varieties in »An Apple a Day 2022 «!

Features and design

The 365 most beautiful old apple varieties
An Apple A Day 2022
Daily tear-off calendar
365 printed sheets with additional perforation to detach the calendar and collect the apple images
Size: 11,4 x 15 cm
EAN 42 6017281 090 6

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